OWC Envoy Pro SX

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OWC Envoy Pro SX har slutats tillverkas, vi kommer bara att sälja dom vi har på eget lager.



OWC Envoy Pro SX Rugged Portable NVMe SSD with Thunderbolt/USB4

  • Super-fast: advanced OWC Aura Pro SSD storage technology with TRIM support combined with Thunderbolt delivers the fastest and most reliable performance available in a portable drive
  • Super versatile: perfect for audio, video, photography, graphics, gaming, and general data storage/backup uses.
  • Xtremely portable: bus-powered and smaller that most compact size smartphones
  • Xtremely rugged: dust/drop/waterproof certified2
  • Silently cool: fanless, heat dissipating aluminum housing for distraction-free operation
  • Secure: non-skid rubber feet keep drive in place
  • Informative: LED for at glance confirmation of power and activity status
  • Connected: included Thunderbolt cable plugs into Thunderbolt and USB4 Macs and PCs

The Super-Fast Xtremely Rugged Portable SSD

One Super Little SSD Beast
The mild-mannered exterior of the Envoy Pro SX hides its true nature. It’s super-fast. Super-versatile. Super-portable. Xtremely rugged to shrug off the most perilous work and play settings. When put to the test, this little beast of an SSD handles all data storage and backup challenges like a true superhero.
Super Versatile
If the Envoy Pro SX had a chest, it would have a big red S on it. Super versatile in use, it goes from being a bus-powered drive for daily storage and backup tasks to easily handling the super-fast demands of production-level audio, design, and photography workflows. And you can use it with today’s and tomorrow’s Thunderbolt and USB4 equipped Macs and PCs to enjoy Xtreme real-world performance speeds up to 2847MB/s1
The Best Made Better
Built along the award-winning lineage of the Envoy Pro EX, this tiny but mighty ½ pound portable drive is 1/3 smaller, features a removable Thunderbolt cable, and is test certified to handle the nastiest environments. From leaping tall obstacles in the field to crushing deadlines at home, the Envoy Pro SX lets you unleash your productivity powers without needing a cape or mask.
Form Meets Function
To ensure it works as good as it looks, the grooved fins on the Envoy Pro SX’s matte black aluminum chassis transform it into a highly effective heat sink. Even after a diabolically long file transfer, the stealthy silent Envoy Pro SX stays reliably fast.

Saves the Day in Every Way
Whatever your data journey, the blink-of-an eye fast Envoy Pro SX stands ready to deliver a crushing blow to time robbing work and play challenges:
  • Photo, video, and document storage
  • Backups via Time Machine or File History
  • Secondary/portable OS boot drive
  • On-set project drive for editing dailies
  • Multi-angled camera editing
  • Explore your photo's potential in Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop
  • Utilize large sample libraries within audio projects 
  • A portable Steam games library
Protects Your Identity
In true protector fashion, the Envoy Pro SX is fully compatible with macOS and Windows built-in encryption so you can add peace of mind password security to your data whenever you need it.

  1. Up to 2847MB/s sequential read/write (max) performance was observed based on testing a 1.0TB OWC Aura P12 Pro equipped Envoy Pro SX connected to a Windows 10 PC equipped with a Gigabyte Technology motherboard with an Intel Core i5-6400 2.7GHz processor and 16GB RAM running CrystalDiskMark 6.0.2 (4K-Full resolution, 4GB file size, 16bit RGB codec, single file test). Performance will vary depending on drive and application used.
  2. Dropped over 25 times at every angle from a height of four feet by a third-party testing and certification service. Water resistant for up to 30 minutes at < 1 meter