LMP Easy cable Mouse USB-C, USB-C & USB-A

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LMP Easy Mouse USB-C, 2-button & scroll wheel, optical IR sensor with 1600 dpi, aluminum enclosure, 2-in-1 USB-C & USB-A, 80cm cable, white

Combine the magic of a straightforward design with the proven reliability of USB and you get the LMP Easy Mouse. Just plug it into a USB-C or USB-A port of any Mac or PC and it will be ready in an instant – no need to charge any battery ever, no cursor lag whatsoever.

With its traditional 2-button design and scroll wheel, the Easy Mouse is simple yet utterly handy in its daily use. A sharp 1600 dpi IR sensor and silicone rails let you navigate effortlessly through any task or document. The all aluminum base and the beautiful finish of the top cover fit nicely to just about any Mac there is.

The LMP Easy Mouse USB-C features a most useful 2-in-1 plug with a USB-C or an integrated USB-A plug which lets you use it either on a new USB-C port or on a more traditional USB-A port. Working on an older Mac with USB and planning to replace it soon? Working on various generations of Mac with different USB ports? No problem – the convenient 2-in-1 plug covers any generation of Mac there is!

The Easy Mouse USB-C is available in silver aluminum base with white top cover.

Key Features

• Optical 2-button mouse with scroll wheel
• Integrated 2-in-1 USB-C & USB-A plugs for all USB ports
• 1600 dpi high-precision IR sensor
• Aluminum housing
• Silicone sliding rails for nearly frictionless movement of mouse

Warranty: 1 year

The Easy Mouse is also available with a standard USB connector (item number 20411).