LMP Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI active adapter (video & audio), 4K

248,00 kr
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248,00 kr
LMP Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI active Adapter (video & audio), 4K, Mini-DP 1.2 to HDMI 1.4b

Share your fotos on a big screen with your friends. Play a movie on your Mac and watch it in high definition with full audio support on your HDTV.
Simply connect your Mini DisplayPort equipped computer with this adapter to any Monitor, HDTV, Projectors, etc. with a HDMI interface.

The LMP Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter is UHD-compatible (4K @ 30 Hz) and supports audio transmission from your Thunderbolt 1/2 or Mini DisplayPort-equipped host to a monitor, projector or TV. Whether you want to use an external and larger screen, extend your desktop to a second monitor or mirror your desktop to a projector or TV, this adapter supports both audio and video in the highest quality and with sound.

For taking advantage of the maximum resolution, the graphics card and HDMI cable and the connected display must all be able to display the same (4K) resolution. The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter is compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and 2 ports. It transmits video and audio signals from iMac (late 2009), MacBook Pro 13″, 15″, 17″ (mid 2010), MacBook (mid 2010), MacBook Air (late 2010), Mac mini (mid 2010), Mac Pro (mid 2010) and newer. On older Macs, only the video signal (no audio) is transmitted.

Key Features

▪ mini DisplayPort connection
▪ compatible to Thunderbolt connection
▪ Plug & Play (no driver needed)
▪ max. resolution 3840x2160 (UHD)
▪ transmits audio & video


3840x2160  (UHD 4K)  @  30 Hz
2048x1152  (QWXGA)  @  50/60 Hz
1920x1200  (WUXGA)  @  50/60 Hz
1920x1080  (FHD 1080p)  @  50/60 Hz
1600x1200  (UXGA)  @  50/60 Hz
1280x1024  (SXGA)  @  50/60 Hz
1280x720  (HD)  @  50/60 Hz
1024x768  (XGA)  @  50/60 Hz
800x600  (SVGA)  @  50/60 Hz
640x480  (VGA)  @  50/60 Hz

This adapter can be used with a USB-C dock with mini-DP port (e.g., Compact Dock, Display Dock)