LMP USB-C 2.5" externt kabinett med adapter

398,00 kr
318,40 kr exkl. moms
398,00 kr

Superfin kvalité. Smart låda som du sätter din egen 2,5" mekanisk disk eller SSD.

enclosure with adapter to USB-C

Inclusive USB-A to USB-C adapter

The LMP DataMobile combines the latest USB-C port with a full high-speed Type C 3.1 Gen 2 (10G) bridge in a slim housing. This state-of-the-art 2.5“ enclosure features an upper cover made of aluminium to dissipate heat effectively. It can be equipped with any standard 2.5“ HDD or SDD with a maximum height of 9.5 mm. Whether it is for storing large amounts of data on a HDD or for transferring data quickly from its SSD - the DataMobile is the right choice. It connects to the new USB-C-port equipped MacBook and MacBook Pro with its USB-C to USB-C cable while getting all the power it needs from the host. It can be connected to any other host with USB-A (USB 3.0 or 2.0) ports. The mounting of an HDD or SSD is as easy as can be with only one screw to be tightened. 

▪ type C 3.1 Gen 2 (10G) chipset
▪ transfer rate up to 520 MB/s read and 440 MB/s write (with SSD)
▪ ultra-compact and lightweight
▪ USB-C port
▪ supports 2.5“ HDD and SSD with maximum height of 9.5 mm
▪ aluminium upper cover
▪ easy HDD/SSD installation
▪ LED status indication


- Plug & Play
- ultra-compact and lightweight
- compatible with any standard 2.5“ HDD or SSD (max. height 9.5 mm)

- 1x USB-C (Type C 3.1 Gen 2) 10G
- 1x USB-A with included adapter

Supported Drives
- 2.5“ HDD or SSD with SATA connection
- maximum height of 9.5 mm

- Empty enclosure for DIY
- 1 TB HDD, 2 TB HDD
- 250 GB SSD, 500 GB SSD, 1 TB SSD, 2 TB SSD

Transfer Speed
- HDD: 120 MB/s read, 100 MB/s write
- SSD: Up to 520 MB/s read, 440 MB/s write
(Transfer speeds may very by HDD model, rpm, block size, file structure)

macOS, Windows, Linux

Power Supply: Bus-powerd

Package Content
- LMP DataMobile enclosure
- USB-C to USB-A/C cable  (15 cm)

Dimension: 119mm x 80mm x 12mm

Thunderbolt 3 compatible.