OWC Memory Upgrade Kit till Mac Pro 2013

552,00 kr
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552,00 kr

RAM minnen som passar till Mac Pro 6,1 (Late 2013) 

OBS. Minnena som säljs är ECC Registered, vilket betyder att de inte kan blandas med Apples minnen. OWC säljer även ECC Non-registered minnen, kontakta oss om du vill beställa sådana. Mer om detta nedan på engelska:

Mac Pro
(December, 2013)
Model ID: MacPro6,1
2.7GHz 3.0GHz, 3.5GHz, 3.7GHz

Apple Mac Pro 2013 models utilizes ECC non-Registered for 4GB and 8GB per slot options and ECC Registered for 16GB (and larger) per slot options. Any existing 4GB and 8GB ECC non-Registered modules cannot be mixed with 16GB and larger ECC-Registered modules and will need to be removed in order to utilize these higher density memory upgrade options.

Special 32GB module use information: Due to processor design and memory architectures, 32GB module utilization occurs at a bus speed of 1066MHz with Apple Mac Pro 2013 E5-16XXv2 4-Core, 6-Core, and 8-Core processor equipped models, 800MHz with factory 12-Core or after-market E5-26XX equipped models. Utilization of 2 or more 32GB modules minimum is recommended and utilization of overall performance with applications and workflows able to utilize higher available memory remains exceptional.