SONNET Solo 10G TB3 to 10GBASE-T Ethernet Adapter

3 345,00 kr
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3 345,00 kr

SONNET Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3 Edition 10GBASE-T/ NBASE-T Ethernet Thunderbolt 3 Adapter

Blazing-Fast 10GBASE-T Connectivity at a Breakthrough Price

In recent years content creation and output have quickly moved from HD to 4K and beyond,
making 10Gb Ethernet the new data transfer standard for post-production shared storage
workgroups and other bandwidth intensive workflows. Very affordable 10Gb Ethernet switches
with RJ45 (copper) have significantly reduced the cost of setting up a 10GbE infrastructure,
resulting in very rapid adoption. Even the new iMac Pro™ includes 10Gb Ethernet as its standard
network interface. Now, for computers with a Thunderbolt™ 3 port, there is an equally affordable
Thunderbolt to 10Gb Ethernet adapter—Sonnet’s Solo 10G™ Thunderbolt 3 Edition adapter, a
powerfully simple solution for adding blazing-fast 10GBASE-T 10GbE network connectivity to any
Mac® or Windows® computer with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

NBASE-T Support for Faster Transfers Across Existing Cabling

Does your facility have CAT 5e wiring installed already? You can still get a great performance gain—
from 250 to 500 percent over Gigabit Ethernet speed—without rewiring! The Solo 10G adapter
supports the NBASE-T™ industry-standard of 2.5/5 Gb link speeds, which enables greater than
Gigabit Ethernet speeds over CAT 5e (or better) cabling when used with an NBASE-T compatible
(multi-Gigabit) switch or router. This capability allows you to deploy the same adapter across an
organization for users supported by different Ethernet cabling infrastructures.

Key Features

    • adds 10GBASE-T 10GbE Connectivity: Adds an RJ45 10 Gigabit Ethernet port to your computer with
      Thunderbolt 3 ports

    • cost-Effective: Low-cost adapter connects to 10GbE infrastructure via inexpensive CAT 6 or CAT
      6A cables at distances up to 55 or 100 meters, respectively

    • 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Interface: Connects to any Thunderbolt 3 computer port, or at the end
      of a Thunderbolt 3 device daisy chain

    • supports NBASE-T Standard: 5 Gb/s and 2.5 Gb/s speeds supported over inexpensive CAT 5e
      (or better) cabling at distances up to 100 meters when used with a multi-Gigabit switch or router

    • advanced Features: Audio Video Bridging (IEEE 802.1Qav, AVB) and Energy-Efficient Ethernet
      (IEEE 802.3az) supported

    • easy Setup: Configured through macOS Network control panel or Windows Device Manager

    • small and Silent: Adapter is pocketable and uses no fan, perfect for use in
      noise-sensitive environments

    • Bus-Powered, Energy Efficient: Powered by its Thunderbolt connection, the Solo 10G
      requires no power adapter

    • rugged construction: Aluminium enclosure withstands heavy use

    • Thunderbolt certified for Mac & Windows

Warranty: 2 years

! You may find more features and application possibilities on the Sonnet Technologies Youtube channel (English language)